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The Clinical Psychologist  Mónica García Medina is currently at Clínica Tebon in Málaga. She has a degree in Psychology by the University of Almería.

Later, she specialised in Clinical Psychology, via PIR (Resident Psychologist Intern), in the Hospital Regional Universitario (Regional University Hospital) of Málaga, for 4 years. During that training period, apart from taking numerous courses on specific areas (anxiety-depression problems, psychosis, perinatal mental health, gender, drugs, personality limit disorder, support during the mourning process, etc.), attending conferences, publishing and participating in research projects, she completed her training in Clínica DITEM in Buenos Aires and in the Hospital de Día Centro Educativo Terapéutico (Educative-Therapeutic Centre Day Hospital)  of Vallecas in Madrid. Besides, she has a University Expert in Early Care, Master in “Intervention in psychological disorders in Children and Adolescents”, Expert and Specialist in Mindfulness.