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Are you looking for a Physiotherapist in Malaga with current experience and training? Clínica Tebon is your Physiotherapy Clinic in Málaga center.


Our physiotherapy is to...

In our Physiotherapy Clinic in Málaga capital, everybody can benefit from our physiotherapy treatments, from babies to seniors, to athletes and pregnant women. We address the main pathologies of the locomotor system, such as sprains or muscle injuries. We improve pain and physical condition in long-standing diseases such as fibromyalgia, sclerosis or osteoarthritis. We have specific techniques for joints such as a temporo-mandibular level.

With our cardiorespiratory therapy improve in pathologies such as asthma or bronchiolitis, both in babies and children as in adults. Also in babies, we have specialized techniques for their own alterations such as infant colic or muscular torticollis. At the neuronal level, we encourage the improvement of posture, movement and balance in central nervous system injuries such as stroke or Parkinson’s and we treat syndromes at the level of the peripheral nervous system such as ciatalgia or cervicobrachialgia.

In relation to aesthetic medicine, our star treatment is the lymphatic drainage massage, it consists of theactivation of the lymphatic system for the reduction of edema through techniques designed to eliminate metabolic waste.


What can we expect from a physiotherapy session?

 In our Physiotherapeutic Clinic in Malaga, they are individual sessions whose duration is 45 minutes, companions are allowed and comfortable clothing is recommended.

In the first session, our physiotherapist spends a few minutes to conduct a small interview where she extracts the maximum information about what is happening, she will explain the reason for the injury, the estimated duration of the process, its evolution, what can be done as a physiotherapist and what should you do you do. Understanding what happens to us makes us much more powerful to overcome it.

After that small interview, she chooses the techniques she considers necessary, always with your consent, and we will get down to recovery. If we need more than one session, the physiotherapist will advise us the frequency with which to go. In the subsequent sessions she will ask us about our evolution and we will directly go through the manual treatment.

What techniques does a physiotherapist use?

Our physiotherapist in Málaga has extensive training in specific techniques, depending on the injury, they will have more prominence. Some examples of techniques are manual therapy (massage, mobilizations, manipulations, neurodynamics) or dry needling, although the technique that never has contraindications and always gives good results is movement, exercise is the only tool capable of setting every change in our body.

We leave aside the completely passive thought of physiotherapy, it is not the patient who heals us, helps us, gives us the push and the tools we need, but the empowered will be the patient.


Is there any additional activity directed by our physiotherapist?

According to demand, we will organize small groups to practice exercise together. The groups to which this activity will be directed will be back class (lesions in cervical, dorsal or lumbar area) and pregnant (from week 12 of gestation). In addition to chat or workshops according to your requests.

If you suffer any of these pathologies or pains, Clínica Tebon is your Physiotherapy Clinic in Malaga.