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Breast lift (also called “mastopexy”) is performed in women who have a sagging breast. The surgeon must correctly evaluate your breast to diagnose a true fallen breast and what is the best technique for reconstruction.

There are different situations that predispose to having a sagging breast (pregnancy and lactation, significant weight loss, etc.), although there are women who have a genetic tendency and have a sagging breast since mammary development.

There are different techniques for the realization of the mastopexy, each of them indicated for each type of breast, and they imply the realization of scars for the correction of the cutaneous excess.

  1. Periareolar Mastopexy: it will have a scar around the areola.
  2. Vertical Mastopexy: a vertical scar is also added under the areola.
  3. Mastopexy in inverted T: a scar which is made in the submammary furrow of the breast

The surgeon will explain what is the best strategy to perform in each patients’ case, in addition to the possible need to perform a breast augmentation with prosthesis associated with its elevation. For more information on this aspect, see the “breast augmentation” section.

Frequent questions

A woman’s breast will always have a natural tendency to a moderate fall due to the effect of gravity. The realization of a mastopexy corrects that aspect at a given moment in the life of the patient. Changes in the breast of a woman as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight change or age itself, can influence the aesthetic outcome of the breast in the future.