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There are patients who from the moment of breast development develop an evident asymmetry in the volume or shape of their breasts. Every woman always has a small asymmetry (we are not totally symmetrical), but sometimes this asymmetry is more noticeable and influences the perception that the woman has about her body and her self-esteem. These asymmetries can be corrected by means of a customized breast augmentation, with different prostheses in each breast, for which a thorough examination by the plastic surgeon is necessary. In our Clinic of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Malaga we take care of everything.

Occasionally, patients have “tuberous or tubular breasts” (which may also associate breast asymmetry). These breasts are due to a defect in breast development that can cause a lack of expansion of the lower pole of the breast, telescoping or very large areolae, and a breast form in “Snoopy snout”. That is, a major defect in the shape of the breast that creates an aesthetic alteration in the woman’s body. Tuberous breasts can be corrected with surgery, using different techniques depending on the degree of artificiality and size of the breasts. Normally you will need an increase with a prosthesis associated with this correction.

For more information about prosthetic augmentation, see the “breast augmentation” section.

Frequent questions

The ideal is to wait for the full development of the woman (once the adolescence is over), in order to evaluate the breast development and thus be able to correct it. Performing a surgery before full development can cause for the end result to have to be modified by the subsequent breast development.