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The peeling is a non-surgical treatment, whose effect consists in the elimination of the most superficial part of the skin as an immediate effect, as well as a delayed effect of regeneration of the skin, renewing the dermis and leaving it without certain aesthetic defects such as spots, wrinkles fine … , uniform, elastic and compact results for getting a more luminous complexion.

It is advisable to carry out in autumn winter, although with the necessary solar protection it can be done at any time of the year. It can be done anywhere on the body. It is a quick and painless treatment. This procedure does not require anesthesia or hospital admission.

Frequently asked questions

This procedure can be divided into 3 phases: the first one we call pre-peeling will consist of a deep cleansing of the skin, in the second phase the chosen product will be applied and the appropriate time will be allowed to act, this is the most uncomfortable phase because you will feel burning in the treated zone, then depending on the product used, neutralization of the area treated will be determined if necessary or not. In a third phase, called post-peeling, a mask of a cream that reduces inflammation, restores the hydrolipidic film which momentarily protects the skin from the action of the sun’s rays will be applied.

They are candidates who present a facial aging due to sun exposure, small wrinkles, spots, acne, skin flaccidity, keratosis, scars, stretch marks, open pores…

The application of peeling is contraindicated if a surgical procedure has been performed in the area to be treated; at least four months’ time has not elapsed. Also  there is always certain pathologies, why your doctor must make a previous medical history. If another connective treatment has been carried out and at least four weeks have not elapsed.

In a peeling several substances are used: salicylic acid, glycolic acid, azelaic acid, trichloroacetic acid, and many more, the most appropriate one will be chosen depending on the effect that we want

There are three types of peeling: superficial, medium and deep. The intensity of the peel should be related to the depth of the lesions. The peeling should be a personalized treatment for each patient.

The superficial peeling is focused to make disappearance of fine wrinkles, spots and acne in patients who do not want or cannot afford a visible desquamation, since this peeling only leaves a slight redness that disappears in several hours. It can be applied at intervals of fifteen days to achieve a greater effect.

The medium peel is intended to erase superficial wrinkles as well as extended pigmented lesions and acne in active phase. After the application of this peel a greater redness will appear and a more visible desquamation, shedding dry skin. This peeling may last for 3-4 days. It practically does not alter normal social life. It is done in a single session. It can be applied again after six weeks.

The deep peeling will eliminate the most marked wrinkles, acne in a scarred state, the “medium high” photo aging and circumscribed pigmentation. After application, intense reddening of the temporal skin appears for 3 or 4 days and intense shedding of dry skin will be consistent for a maximum of about 10 days. Normal social life can be altered for about a week, as crusts will appear in the treated area that will gradually come off.  It is done in a session. It can be applied again at eight weeks.

Before the consultation, you can use specific cosmetics for fifteen days to prepare the complexion.

At home, after undergoing the peel, you must apply moisturizing, antioxidant and dermal creams as well as sunscreen.  The following instructions should consider after the procedure: preferably use hypoallergenic makeup, you should not touch or scratch the treated areas, you cannot wash the treated area until the next morning, do not wear metal jewelry for 48 hours and  avoid sun exposure.