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The pearly papules of the penis are small, whitish lesions (like pinheads) that appear in some men around the crown of the glans.

Although they do not have any pathological meaning (they are not “bad”), they can have an important aesthetic repercussion, and sometimes functional, as they can cause discomfort to rubbing.

The definitive treatment of these papules is simple: an extraction and burn of the small papules is performed by surgery.

Before the surgery

During the first consultation, our medical team will evaluate the size and quantity of the papules. You will be explained what the surgery consists of and the different technical possibilities in your case.

During surgery

The treatment must be performed in a prepared operating room, either in a hospital or clinic. This surgery can be performed with general anesthesia (sleeping the patient completely), with loco-regional anesthesia (epidural, only sleeping the patient’s legs) or with local anesthesia (making an infiltration of the penis). The best technique will be evaluated together with our Anesthesia team and the patient’s preferences.

The surgery usually lasts about 30-40 minutes, and hospital admission is not necessary.

After surgery

It is very important to maintain proper hygiene in the genital area. Our plastic surgeons will explain what care you should have. It is recommended at least two or three days of rest, and no strenuous activities for at least 15 days after surgery.

In consultation we will do the postoperative follow-up.

Frequently asked questions

The procedure in the postoperative period can be mildly annoying, but if there is no friction in the area you should not feel discomfort.

We recommend at least 1 month of sexual abstinence if the wound heals properly.

We recommend you the wait the period of at least 1 month and always after the approval of the plastic surgeon.

Once the papules have been eliminated, they do not reappear.