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Aesthetic Medicine in Málaga: CARBOXITHERAPY

If we want to rejuvenate our face and improve the appearance of your skin, our  treatment of Aesthetic Medicine in Malaga, Carboxitherapy  in Clínica Tebon , should be your choice, with it we will obtain numerous aesthetic benefits:

Benefits of our Aesthetic Medicine treatment in Malaga: Carboxytherapy

  1. Localized fat removal
  2. Reduced cellulite
  3. Stretch marks Improvement
  4. Reduction of acne scar
  5. Improved skin flaccidity
  6. Correction of facial wrinkles
  7. Diminished dark circles  
  8. Facial bio-stimulation
  9. Improvement of results after liposuction
  10. Improvement of postoperative fibrosis
  11. Reduction of alopecia, resulting from lack of oxygenation or nutritional deficiencies
  12. Improvement in skin ulcers

The Carboxytherapy, consists of the microinjection of medicinal CO2 with a purity of 99.9%, totally safe for our organism, through a specialized team, in our case Venusian CO2, which controls the volume and pressure of the gas at all times.

A technique of Aesthetic Medicine that favors and promotes the production of bradykinin, serotonin, catecholamine’s and collagen substances that destroy fat and favor the renewal of our own skin.   Intense oxygenation of infiltrated tissues occurs, thus improving the microcirculation of the area, which achieves greater elasticity, collagen production, cellulite disappears and dark circles.  For you to see it graphically, for the elimination of cellulite and localized fat, the CO2 goes to the adipocyte that is within networks, the pressure causes that network to break and that the fat is released and can thus be eliminated. Dark circles, favor circulation and thanks to this what happens is oxygenation and therefore decongestion, the area returns to its original color, since the main cause of that purple tone are blood vessels.  As for flaccidity, it is oxygenation that improves the elasticity of the skin.  In addition, it produces natural antioxidants in the tissues, so it rejuvenates the treated skin.

If you have problems of the liver, respiratory, cardiac or renal failure, epilepsy, infections in the area of  treatment, asthma, circulatory problems,  or you are pregnant,  breast-feeding, this treatment is not recommended, but our  medical team at the Tebon Clinic will indicate Alternatives of Aesthetic Medicine available for you in Malaga.

The administration protocol is of 400cc up to 1200cc of CO2 per session, of 10-20 sessions depending on the patient and the area to be treated, spaced in 48-72h, being able to give 2-3 sessions a week, in the case of face, stretch marks, scars or cutaneous laxity 1 a week.

You will feel a slight local pain, sensation of numbness of the extremities and cutaneous crepitus that will disappear after a few minutes, although the crepitus and the sensation of pain and in the case of dark circles the edema can be maintained up to 48-72h, being totally normal.

After our treatment of Aesthetic Medicine in Malaga, you will be able to resume your daily activities immediately, although it is recommended not to do intense exercises, go to the pool, sauna,  beach and smoke in 24h after the administration of treatment.

We can appreciate the results almost immediately, but not until the 6th session you will begin to see the results more clearly. Please keep in mind that it is not a definitive treatment, and must be combined with a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to know more about our treatment of Aesthetic Medicine in Malaga, Carboxiterapia, we are waiting for you in Clínica Tebon.

Mª Victoria Arenas García

Nurse in Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery

Clínica Tebon