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Psychologist Isaac Pareja completed his studies at the University of Málaga in 2019, obtaining a degree in Psychology. He also received a Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology from the e-Campus University of Milan (Italy).

He developed his expertise in Systemic Psychotherapy at the Psychology Solutions Center, Malaga, where he currently specialises in family and couple intervention. He was naturally drawn to couple break-up and dependency-focussed interventions following his investigation into and creation of a self-help guide that aided readers in overcoming these issues.

He took part in a research program carried out by the University of Malaga that investigated emotional management through mindfulness. He continues to pursue additional development opportunities through participating in a variety of courses within the field of emotional intelligence. He has gained international experience as part of the Cugnet Brunel Hospital Psychology Team in Bristol (UK), coordinating the “Therapeutic Engagement for Care and Family” research project.

He has gained experience in the field of social care too, working with individuals affected by intellectual disabilities that find themselves at risk of exclusion. In addition to consultations, he offers courses on combatting stage fright and social anxiety.

He offers therapy session in English.