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Clínica Tebon offers a service of Clinical Psychology in Málaga for the psychological treatment of several mental and behavioural disorders: depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mourning, postpartum depression, use of drugs or other substances, eating disorders, behavioural problems, personality disorders, psychosis, etc.

Clínica Tebon Psicología

In addition, this psychotherapy service in the very centre of Malaga is also targeted to those persons who want to face life challenges, remedy difficulties or problems in various aspects of life in order to have a better emotional well-being.

Our goal is to help our patients feel better and help them search coping and change strategies.

We are committed to an integrating psychotherapy, paying particular attention to the personal background and circumstances of the person starting this process. Priority is given to promoting psychotherapy based on building an appropriate therapeutic alliance, favouring empathy and active listening, where key aspects, such as significant relationships of each patient, emotional attachment and value systems are assessed.

We offer:

■ Support therapy

■ Individual psychotherapy

■ Family Therapy

■ Mindfulness

Targeted to:

■ Child-juvenile population (parent-infant bonding; children; teenagers and parents)

■ Pregnant women

■ Adults

■ Elderly persons